Greed and Excess
For those of you who are on Richest People lists, please think twice before you make your next frivolous purchase. And please, don't wait until you die to donate. Leaving money to charity is very noble, but every day you hoard your money, over 7,000 more children will loose their lives needlessly.

Warning: This site has some very graphic and disturbing pictures and descriptions, however it is reality for so many, so, as a way to honour those who are suffering, I ask you to continue reading no matter how difficult it may be.

Please forward this site to everybody you know. Nothing will change if we don't try.
Can you justify your existence? 
 The purpose of this site is to bring awareness of the vast inequities between human beings who have, and human beings who do not.

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Some of the wealthy, such as Oprah Winfrey, are referred to on this site as having a great deal of money to give. This is not meant to take away from any generosity they may have already shown. It's simply meant to put things in perspective and to remind you that no matter how much you have already given - time, money or resources - you have more to give.
There are others such as Rosie O'Donnell whose goal is to NOT get on a Richest People list. My heartfelt thanks go out to Rosie for her altruism and the astounding work she does. Here's hoping this catches on, Rosie. Please visit Rosie's For All Kids Foundation site at